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Green Coffee Bean Extract

Product Name: Green Coffee Bean Extract
Botanical Source: Coffea Arabica L.
Part Used: Seed
Specification: Chlorogenic Acid 20%~98%
Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder



Green Coffee Bean Extract is sourced from Europe and is standardized to more than 99% Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid is the compound present in coffee.

Which has been long known as for its beneficial properties. This active ingredient can absorb free oxygen radicals; help to avert hydroxyl radicals in the body.

Along with being a great anti-oxidant, there is evidence that Chlorogenic Acid may have biological effects in the small intestine that alter patterns of glucose uptake, helping to regulate the metabolism.

The Caffeic Acids act as stimulant, providing a safe energy boost while being naturally low in caffeine. Boiled coffee drinks contain cafestol which is associated with the negative effects of using coffee as a stimulant, this is not present in green coffee beans or the extract.

Green Coffee Bean is also great for sports formulations because it can work to stimulate the production of cortisone and adrenalin in the body resulting in increased stamina.


1. Works in two ways as a powerful anti-oxidant reducing free oxygen radicals.                                                            2. Helps to regulate the body's metabolism by inhibiting glucose 6 phosphate.                                                            3. Increases Stamina by stimulating the production of cortisone and adrenalin.

4. Can increase the effectiveness of pain killers, especially for migraine medications.

5. Can help to reduce the risk of diabetes, studies report 30% in women and over 50% in men.

6. Helps the body burn a higher proportion of lipids to carbohydrates, which can help avoid muscle fatigue.


1.In pharmaceutical field

2.In health product field

3.In Cosmetic field


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