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Rehmannia (Cooked) Extract

Product Name:Rehmannia (Cooked) Extract/cooked rehmannia glutinosa root extract

Botanical Source:Rehmannia glutinosa

Part Used:Root


Appearance:Brown Powder

Rehmannia (Cooked) Extract


Rehmannia is a perennial plant of the Phrymaceae family also known as the lopseed family.


It is similar in appearance to foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). Its leaves are mostly at ground level and it blooms with flowers that can range from yellow to burgundy in color.


The plant was brought from Asia to the West in the eighteenth century and is cultivated mostly as an ornamental garden plant in the United States and Europe.

Rehmannia (Cooked) Extract

Main Function

1. Seasonal febrile disease involving yinfen and yuefen,manifested as fever and irritability.


2. Blood-heat syndromemanifestedashematemesis,epistaxis,hemoptysis,Medicine.


3. Febrile diseases with consumption of body fluid manifested as fever,thirst and constipation,Health & Daily Chemicals.


4. Syndrome of yin deficiency and fire-hyperactivity with hectic fever.


5. Lung dryness syndrome with cough of epistaxis,Food & Animal feed.


6. Sthenic or asthenic heat-syndrome with sorethroat.

Rehmannia (Cooked) Extract

Application Filed

1. As Food and beverage ingredients.

2. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.

3. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients. 

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