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Goji berry Powder

Product Name:Goji berry Powder/ Wolfberry Powder

Botanical Source:Lycium barbarum L

Part Used:Fruit

Specification:10%-50% Polysaccharides
10:1 ;20:1;

Appearance:Yellow Brown fine powder

Goji berry Powder


You might have heard of goji berries and their health benefits. But do they live up these claims? Their history as a medicinal plant has roots in ancient China. Many people use goji berries to treat eye, liver, and kidney ailments. Also known as wolfberries, these festive red berries have a sweet, slightly-sour taste and often come in dried form, like raisins.

Goji berry Powder

Main Function

1.Promote immunity

2.Anti-oxidant,Anti-aging,Anti-fatigue;Improve the memory and sleep quality;

3.Reduce the blood fat and sugar,Decreasing blood pressure;

4.Reduce the risk of Cancer and inhibit from tumor growth;

5.Protect eyesight ,liver and kidney;

6.Enhance sexual function and improve fertility.

Goji berry Powder

Application Filed

 1.Health food 
2.Food additive 
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