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Cat Claw Extract

Product Name:Uncaria tomentosa Extract/Cat Claw Extract

Botanical Source:Uncaria tomentosa

Part Used:Aerial Part(Dried, 100% Natural)

Specification:Extract Ratio: 10:1 20:1
Alkaloids 3% 5%

Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder

Cat Claw Extract


A new botanical nutrient, Uncaria Tomentosa, is being called by many the "Miracle Herb from the Rain Forest of Peru". It has been drawing increasingly more interest among the proponents of natural health care. Although virtually unheard of in the United States until recently, the beneficial effects of the Peruvian herb Uncaria tomentosa, commonly known as "una de gato" in Spanish and "cat s claw" in English, have been studied at research facilities in Peru, Austria, Germany, England, Hungary and Italy, since the 1970 s. These studies suggest that the herb may be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, allergies, diabetes, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, herpes, organic depression, menstrual irregularities and disorders of the stomach and intestines.

Cat Claw Extract

Main Function

1.  Reduce pain and inflammation of rheumatism, arthritis。

2.  Have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties that inhibits cancerous cell formation.

promote the healing of wounds.

3.Be useful for treatment of gastric ulcers and intestinal complaints

help to relieve chronic pain.

4.Enhance immunity by stimulating the immune system.

5.Help people experiencing stomach and bowel disorders.

Cat Claw Extract

Application Filed

2、Healthcare Product

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