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Cascara Sagrada Extract

Product Name:Cascara Sagrada Extract

Botanical Source:Rhamnus davurica Pall

Part Used:Bark

Specification:10:1 20:1

Appearance:Brown Yellow powder

Cascara Sagrada Extract


Caulis spatholobi extract is a traditional Chinese medicinal source believed to work primarily on the liver meridian. The extract generally contains relative amounts of flavonoids including ononin, prunetin and genistein. It also contains triterpenes, anthraquinones and sterol derivatives which effectively enhance wellness through various activated patterns. Caulis spatholobi extract is mostly taken from the stem of the plant source and is mostly indicated for circulation and bleeding conditions. Many musculoskeletal inflammation and pain disorders are also treated effectively through the activated compounds of Caulis spatholobi extract. Adults who are suffering from arthritis, numbness and nerve pains are advised to take health supplements with Caulis spatholobi extract as it is claimed to be effective against such conditions.

Cascara Sagrada Extract

Main Function

1.It may help regulate menstrual flow

2.It may treat chemotherapy-associated leukopenia

3. It enhances blood circulation in joints

Cascara Sagrada Extract

Application Filed

1.  Health Food

2.  Medicine

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