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Product Name: Raffinose
Botanical Source: 98%
Part Used:
Appearance: Gray white to white fine powder, slightly bitter taste.

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Raffinose in nature is the most famous a three sugar, by galactose, fructose and glucose combined with and become, in most plants all existence, it is also called raffinose, honey in three sugar, cotton candy. Raffinose can smoothly through the stomach and intestines and not be absorbed.


Main Function

1.Raffinose stachyose plays an important role in the proliferation, Stachyose can rapidly improve the environment within the human digestive tract, regulating micro-ecological balance.

2.Stachyose can promote the formation of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract the status of dominant bacteria,inhibition of endogenous carcinogens generation and absorption.

3.Stachyose in the human has a role in promoting the intestinal short-chain fatty acids increased physical activity, lower cholesterol.

4.Stachyose is very suitable for people with diabetes to take, Stachyose will not cause adverse endocrine patient burden.

5.Raffinose stachyose can enhance human resistance to gastrointestinal infection or food-borne diseases through the function, and can improve the nutritional status of the skin and other organs, improve health and beauty.


Application Filed


Lactic acid bacteria drinks, malt drinks, carbonated drinks, milk drinks,

2.Health drink

Nutrition drinks, sports drinks, tea health, beauty beverages,


Candy, chocolate, gum mother sugar, jelly, biscuits, cookies

Cold drink

4.Ice cream, ice cream, popsicle


5.Ordinary bread, fruit bread, fiber bread


6.Jelly, milk chocolate dessert, pudding, sauces


7.Health foods, sweeteners, milk powder for babies


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