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Annual Awards Ceremony --Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc.

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Sail Your Dream Win the Future Together

Annual Awards Ceremony --Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc.,


The timing changes, and the years are abundant.

Time flies by, the busy and fulfilling work is over.

To celebrate the fruitful results of the previous phase and play a new movement of the next stage at the same time, our company held the annual awards ceremony.

Witness Moments of Glory Together


In 2022, Huakang Biotech has achieved plentiful and substantial results in the unpredictable world economy, riding the wind and waves, overcoming thorns, going against the wind in difficulties, and creating the best results in the past year, which has been highly recognized and endorsed by merchants around the world. And the new production base will be put into use in 2023. At the same time, a group of advanced individuals and outstanding talents emerged in the company, which wrote a brilliant chapter for the company and obtained excellent results. The company has awarded the Excellent Management Award, Wisdom Suggestion Award, Dedication Award, Devotion Award, Newcomer Progress Award, Employee Progress Award, Love Award, Logistics Intimate Award, Customer Development King Award, Annual Champion and Runner-up Award. 2023, New Journey, New Hope, New Chapter, let's keep up the efforts and create brilliance again.

The annual meeting was interspersed with lottery draws, and as the winners surfaced one after another, it also set off the climax of the annual meeting, showing the joy and harmony of the Huakang family.


Mr. Jianwei Huang, chairman of the company, Ms. Yaling Wu , administrative and financial director, Ms. Zhicheng Wang , director of production technology, and Ms. Zhihui Chen, sales director, made the year-end summaries of 2022. And the sales department, production department, administration department, supply department, logistics department, and R&D and testing department successively issued personal testimonials, thanking the company for its encouragement and support in the past year. During the past year, we have worked together to achieve great results and climb new heights with our enthusiasm and drive. Next year, in the face of greater challenges and opportunities, we will make new glorious achievements with a new attitude.


Write New Brilliance

The chairman of the company awarded trophies and prizes to outstanding workers and departments, as well as five-year employees and ten-year employees with special silver and gold coins designed by Huakang Biotech for encouraging them to move forward bravely, play an exemplary role and make new contributions in the new year.


Gather Recognition  Make a Bright Future

After the ceremony, all employees sang and laughed in a beautiful banquet to celebrate the company's excellent achievements in 2022, and toasted to the upcoming 20th anniversary of Huakang Biotechnology!


In 2022, we fought side by side and made concerted efforts.

In 2023, we will create new splendour and expand the future.

Thankful for those who have traveled along the way, witnessed and participated in the continuous growth and expansion of the company.

In the future, we will never forget our original intention and forge ahead!

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