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Pine Bark Extract

Product Name:Pine Bark Extract

Botanical Source:Pinus Pinaster Aiton

Part Used:Bark (Dried, 100% Natural)


Appearance:Brown Red Powder.

Pine Bark Extract


Pine bark extract is made from the bark of a European coastal pine tree called the Landes or maritime pine, whose scientific name is Pinus maritima. The maritime pine is a member of the Pineaceae family. Pine bark extract is a new nutritional supplement used for its antioxidant properties, which are believed to be effective for a wide range of healing and preventative purposes. Pine Bark Extract is a concentrate of water-soluble bioflavonoids consisting of procyanidins, catechin, taxifolin and fruit acids in constant and mormalized proportions. Because the bark is grown layer by layer over a period of more than 30 years, there are nether seasonal nor annual variations in their composition of its ingredients, in contrast to other herbal extracts. All constituents are potent scavengers of free radicals.

Proanthocyanidins:95%; Polyphenols: 70-90%; OPCs: 30-85%.

Pine Bark Extract

Main Function



3.preventive care

4.Treating arthritis and inflammation

5.Treatment of varicose veins and edema

6.Improving the health and smoothness of the skin

7.Reducing the risk of heart disease, strokes, high cholesterol, and circulation problems

Pine Bark Extract

Application Filed


2、Health product.

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