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Bilberry Extract

Product Name:Bilberry Extract
Botanical Source:Vaccinnium vitis-idaea L.
Part Used:Fruit( 100% Natural)
Specification:1%-25% Anthocyanidins
Appearance:Dark Purple-red fine powder, slightly bitter taste.
Y 越橘

Product Name:Bilberry 

Bilberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus L.) is a kind of perennial deciduous or evergreen fruit shrubs, mainly found in subarctic regions of the world as in Sweden, Finland and Ukraine, etc. Bilberries contain dense levels of anthocyanin pigments, which was said popularly to have been used by World War II RAF pilots to sharpen night vision. In fork medicine, Europeans have been taking bilberry for a hundred years. Bilberry extracts entered the healthcare market as a kind of dietary supplement for effects on vision enhancement and visual fatigue relief. Chinese Bilberry Vaccinium uliginosum(Vaccinjum uliginosum L.)based, are a wild species, mainly distributed in northeast, Inner Mongolia,Xinjiang and other provinces. This origins in China are mainly in North East China, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. The main species is V.uliginosum, plant high 40-60cm. Fruit is ball likely, Blue dark on appearance with rich juice, taste vinegary with sweet. (see the following figure). It ismainly used for wine making, less fruits are eaten.

The extract of its fruits can soft blood capillary, eliminate eyestrain, improve eyesight and delaying cerebral nerve to aging, enhance the heart function and resist cancer. It has curative effect on immunity diseases of blood capillary caused by diabetes.


1. Anti-oxidant and anti-aging

2. Improved vision and protect eyes

3. Helps Eliminate Circulation Problems

4. Improve Bad Cholesterol

5. May Improve the Blood Sugar in Diabetics

6. Help Prevent Cancer

7. Good for skin care      



2.Nutritional supplement

3.Solid drink

4.Health Food


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