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Ligustrum Extract

Product Name:Ligustrum Extract

Botanical Source:Ligustrum lucidum Ait.

Part Used:Fruit

Specification:10:1,20:1,20%~98%Oleanolic Acid

Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder

Ligustrum Extract


Ligustrum Fruit is one of the oldest Chinese herbal remedies, used for over 2,000 years, at least from the time of the writing of the Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica in 190 BCE. It has cooling properties that are known to help the yin, and augment weakness in the liver and kidneys. Known in Chinese as the “female chastity seed,” Ligustrum Fruit was an ancient remedy for premature graying of the hair, ringing in the ear, spots before the eyes, and lower back pain, all of which were associated with excessive sexual activity.


Ligustrum fruit contains nuzhenide, olenropein, -hydroxy-beta-phenylethyl-beta-dglucoside, oleanolic acid, manitol, betulin, lupeol, salidroside, oleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid and other fatty acids. The skin of Ligustrum fruit contains oleanolic, acetyl oleanolic acid and ursolic acids. The seed contains 14.9% lipids and the lipids contains 19.5% palmitic and stearic acids as well as 80.5% oleic and linolenic acids. Its flower bud contains manitol, rutin, luteolin-7-beta-D-glucoside, apigenin-7-beta-D-glucoside, apigenin-7-beta-D-glucoside and quercetin. The leaf contains oleanolic glycoside, 4-hydroxy-beta-phenylethyl-beta-d glucoside and ligstroside. The volatile organic content of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi contains large amounts of ester, alcohol, ether, thioketone and hydrocarbon and small amounts of amine and aldehyde.

Ligustrum Extract

Main Function

1.Effect on Immune Function

2.Enhancement in SOD Activity

3. Increase in White Cell Count

4.Effects on Cardiovascular System

5.Liver Protective Effect

6. Hypoxia Tolerance

7.Anti-cancer effects

Ligustrum Extract

Application Filed

1.  Medicine

2.  Health food

3.  Beverage

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