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Auricularia auricula ExtractÂ

Product Name: Auricularia auricula Extract 
Botanical Source:
Part Used: Fruiting body
Specification: 30% Polysaccharide
Appearance: Brown Powder
Auricularia auricula Extract 


Auricularia auricula is a nutrient-rich edible fungus, and it is also a traditional health food and export commodity in China. There are two kinds of fungus that people often eat: one is smooth, black, and the back is gray or grayish brown, called the auricularia (commonly known as wild fungus); the other is smooth, dark brown, half on both sides Transparent, called light fungus. The hairy ears are large, but the texture is thick and tough, not easy to chew, the taste is not good, and the price is low. The light wood ear is soft and fresh, smooth and refreshing, and rich in nutrients. It is a kind of artificial cultivation.

Auricularia auricula Extract 

Main Function

1.Blood sugar lowering, blood lipids

2.Improve the body's immune function

3.Anti-aging effect

4.Protects against tissue damage

5.Inhibition of platelet aggregation

Auricularia auricula Extract 

Application Filed

1.Health food 
2.Food additive 

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