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Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract

Product Name: Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract
Botanical Source: Rhizoma Gastrodiae
Part Used: Root
Specification: 5:1, 10:1, 20:1
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract


Gastrodiae Rhizoma, also called chì jiàn (赤箭), guǐ dū yóu (鬼督郵), or tiān má (天麻) in Chinese, is considered a top grade (上品 shàng pǐn) medicine described to enter liver channel (肝經 gān jīng) in classic literatures of traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for centuries. Many studies investigating its various bioactivities and active compounds have been conducted worldwide. This article reviews these biological activities and details the antidepressant pharmacology of Gastrodiae Rhizoma. Gastrodiae Rhizoma treatment exerts an effective inhibition of diverse diseases and disorders, including convulsion, oxidative stress, mental disorders, amnesia, cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases, and inflammation, among others. The antidepressant effect of Gastrodiae Rhizoma was evaluated in animal models and several mechanisms of activity were found, including the modulation and regulation of monoamine oxidase activity, monoamine concentration and turnover, antioxidatant activity, GABAergic system induction, BDNF induction, neuroprotection and anti-inflammatory activity.

Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract

Main Function

1. Good to brain

2. Nourishing kidney

3. Carry gas profit god

4. Strengthen the body's immune capacity

5. Good to the sun be the spirit

6. Promoting blood circulation

7. Antiepileptic , anti-convulsion, anti-rheumatism, calm,  spasm,  analgesia ,

8. Good effect on students' increasing wisdom, brain, keep the good study condition, white-collar worker keep a clear mind and abundant energy, the old delay senility.

Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract

Application Filed

1. Health Food

2. Medicine

3. Beverage

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