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Horse ChestNut Extract

Product Name:Horse ChestNut Extract

Botanical Source:Aesculus chinensis Bunge

Part Used:Seed


Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder

Horse ChestNut Extract


Horse chestnut is a plant. Its seed, bark, flower, and leaves are used to make medicine. Horse chestnut contains significant amounts of a poison called esculin and can cause death if eaten raw.Horse chestnut seed and leaf are used for treating varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and swollen veins (phlebitis).


Horse chestnut seed is used for diarrhea, fever, and enlarged prostate.Horse chestnut seeds can be processed so that the active chemicals are separated out and concentrated. The resulting “extract” is used for treating a blood circulation problem called chronic venous insufficiency.


Horse chestnut leaf is used for eczema, menstrual pain, soft tissue swelling from bone fracture and sprains, cough, arthritis, and joint pain.


Horse chestnut branch bark is used for malaria and dysentery.


Some people apply horse chestnut branch bark to the skin for lupus and skin ulcers.

Horse ChestNut Extract

Main Function

1. Help Treat Chronic Venous Insufficiency

2.Could Cause Cell Death in Certain Cancers

3.Contains Powerful Antioxidants

4.Increase Effects of Prebiotics

5.Possibly Beneficial in Wound Healing

6.Might Support Fertility in Men

Horse ChestNut Extract

Application Filed

1.  Medicine

2.  Health Food

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