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Organic Spirulina Powder / Tablets

Product Name: Organic Spirulina Powder / Tablets
Botanical Source: Spirulina Platensis
Part Used:  Whole Algae
Specification: 60% Protein Spirulina Tablets / Spirulina Extract Phycocyanin
Appearance: Dark Green Fine Powder


Spirulina is a kind of low-level plant microscopic blue-green algae that lives in seawater and fresh water. It has a perfect spiral coil shape and belongs to the phylum Cyanophyta. It contains an unusually large amount of protein, ranging from 50% to 70% by dry weight. It is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. Natural spirulina is rich in essential fatty acids, multiple vitamins, and is also a good source of minerals.


1. Spirulina powder can improve immunity and maintain vitality.

2. Spirulina powder can increase beneficial intestinal flora, strengthen metabolism, expel toxins, and improve gastrointestinal and digestive system health.

3. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, thereby improving cardiovascular function and helping to lower blood pressure.

4. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation in the body.

5. Promote a healthy immune system and antioxidant activity.


1. Applied in food field: spirulina contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can help the body with better health care.

2. Applied in health products field: spirulina there are various forms existed, such as tablets, capsules and powder, these can prevent various of diseases.

3. Applied in cosmetic field: spirulina able to nourish and cure the skin.


1. Leading natural ingredients supplier with nearly 20 years' experience.

2. Awarded FSSC22000,ISO9001-2000,ECO CERT, HACCP, Halal, Kosher, Organic Certifications.

3. Clean workshop and manufacture base operation is controlled according to the GMP standards strictly.

4.Quality control with testing equipment: AAS, MICROBE, HPLC,TLC,GC,UV,PPSL (irradiation test).

5. 24 hours online and multilingual services to ensure timely responds.

6. 30 days unconditional refund if unqualified.

7. Professional logistics (DHL, FedEx, EMS, By Air, By Sea), fast & safe shipment.

8. Professional R&D team and strong R&D strength.

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Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc., was founded in 2003, specializing in the processing and production of extracting active ingredients from natural plants, tablets, capsules, confectionery punches.
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