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Nuphar Pumilum Root Extract

Product Name: Nuphar Pumilum Root Extract
Botanical Source: Nuphar pumilum (Hoffm.) DC.
Part Used: Root
Specification: 4:1 5:1 10:1 20:1
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Nuphar Pumilum Root Extract


Nuphar Pumilum Extract also called Ping peng grass extract, Nuphar is genus of aquatic plants in the family Nymphaeaceae, with a temperate Northern Hemisphere distribution. The common name, shared with some other genera in the same family, is water lily or waterlily. There are from 1 to 25 species in the genus. Some botanists treat the genus as just a single variable species, but 10-12 species are typically accepted by most authorities. Recent molecular work has shown that there is some difference between the European and American species. Nuphar Pumilum is closely related to Nymphaea. Nuphar differs in having its petals being much smaller than its 4-6 bright yellow-colored sepals, whereas in Nymphaea, the petals are much larger than the sepals. The fruit maturation also differs, with Nuphar fruit being held above water level to maturity, whereas Nymphaea fruit sink below the water level immediately after the flower closes. Both genera share leaves with a radial notch from the circumference to the petiole (leaf stem) in the center.


Ping peng grass for the flowers and foliage plants, used to decorate, and lotus pond water, lotus, XingCai bulrushes, huanghua iris etc, with plants, form colorful landscape. But in courtyard, buildings, potted, or false rocks in the bedroom XiangYangChu put before. With the function of purifying water body roots. When the time ChongMi edible seeds. Roots, stems, especially used for empty stomach bleeding, have the effect of nerves.

Nuphar Pumilum Root Extract

Main Function

1. It can benefits the digestive organs;

2. It can increases body strength.

Nuphar Pumilum Root Extract

Application Filed

1. Medicine

2. Health Food 

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