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Rhododendron Caucasicum Extract

Product Name: Rhododendron Caucasicum Extract
Botanical Source: Rhododendron Caucasicum
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: 50%~70%Proanthocyanidins
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder


Rhododendron Caucasicum Extract is produced from young spring leaves of Rhododendron caucasicum plants.

These phenolic compounds help improve physical abilities, increase activity of the cardiovascular system, increase blood supply to the muscles and especially to the brain, and reduce stress. Helps maintain healthy body weight

Alpine tea made from Rhododendron caucasium is enjoyed daily by residents of the Republic of Georgia, well known throughout history as some of the healthiest and leanest people in the world. Rhododendron caucasicum is high in polyphenolic antioxidants (40% polyphenols), which specifically inhibits the action of the lipase enzyme that interferes with fat metabolism. Unlike the standard pharmaceutical fat blockers like Orlistat (Xenical??) and other dietary formulas such as Chitosan, Rhododendron caucasium does not bind with fat or remove important fat soluble vitamins. In fact, Rhododenron caucasicum exerts a profound antioxidant effect in the body which many experts believe is several times more bioavailable than pine bark or grape seed extracts.

Rhododendron Caucasicum


1. To enrich the blood and invigorate the circulation of blood.

2. To fight against oxidation and scavenge free radicals.

3. To supplement Vitamin E.

4. To reduce the excitability of myocardium and to treat the auricular fibriation.

5.To lower blood pressure and blood fat and to protect the pathological changes of main artery as well as to treat atherosclerosis.


Pharmaceutical stuff

Functional food and food additive

Cosmetics additive

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