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Ophiopogon Root Extract

Product Name: Ophiopogon Root Extract/Radix Ophiopogonis Extract 
Botanical Source: Ophiopogon japonicus
Part Used: Root
Specification: 20:1,5:1
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder


Ophiopogon Root Extract is extracted from the root tuber of Ophio-pogon japonicus (Thunb.) Ker-Gawl (family Liliaceae). Ophiopogon Root is produced in all parts of China. It is dug in summer,washed clean, rid of the rootlets, dried in the sun, and used unprepared. It contains multiple active ingredients saponin: Ophiopogon japonicus saponin (ophiopogonin) A, B, B ', C, C', D, D '. The other with a high flavonoid compounds: Ophiopogon flavonoids A, B, methyl Ophiopogon flavonoids A, B, dihydro-Ophiopogon flavonoids A, B, methyl dihydro Ophiopogon flavonoids, 6 - formyl different Ophiopogon japonicus flavanone and the 6 - formyl different Ophiopogon flavonoids A, B.

In addition, still contains a volatile oil, also contain plant sterols and 71% of the single-class ingredients such as sugars and oligosaccharides.

Ophiopogon Root


1. The role of the cardiovascular system: (1) on cardiac function: Ophiopogon total saponins, total amino acids were so low dose that increased cardiac contractility, coronary flow increased; high-dose inhibition of myocardial contractility, reduced coronary blood flow. (2) The protective effect of myocardial ischemia: the ischemic myocardium in mice Ophiopogon japonicus can improve the tolerance to hypoxia and improve myocardial blood flow in the role of nutrition. (3) anti-arrhythmic effects (4) Anti-shock;

2. The role of the immune system: Ophiopogon japonicus polysaccharide can be a very significant increase in spleen weight, and a lectin-like effect on the humoral immunity are very significant in promoting the role of cyclophosphamide caused by the decline in the number of white blood cells in mice have very significant role in the confrontation;

3. The role of the central nervous system: Ophiopogon japonicus with the promotion of hypnotic, anticonvulsant effect;

4. For the role of anti-aging;

5. Other roles: There hypoxia tolerance, anti-tumor, anti-radiation, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and so on.


1. Applied in Medicine and health products.

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

3. Medicine and health products, beverage and food additives.

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