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Cranesbill Extract

Product Name:Cranesbill Extract

Botanical Source:Geranium Wilfordii maxim

Part Used:Root

Specification:4:1; 8:1; 10:1

Appearance:Grey Green Powder

Cranesbill Extract


Cranesbill is a perennial plant from the genus Geranium and belongs to the Geraniaceae family.

It can grow up to 60 cm (around two feet) in height and has deeply lobed toothed leaves. The flowers have five petals and are pink or purple but white flower varieties of the species occur.

The fruit resembles the beak of a crane which explains the English common name cranesbill.

It is primarily the roots or the underground plant stems (rhizomes) of the plant that are used in herbal medicine but sometimes the above-ground parts are used.The root should be harvested in the early spring while the aerial parts should be collected in the summer.

Cranesbill Extract

Main Function

1. Cranesbill extract contains flavonoid, catechin and tannin which can inhibit the duplication of many virus such as flu and HIV-I; its anti-flu function is most obvious;

2. Cranesbill extract can protect the liver from lipid peroxidation, reduce plasma cholesterol and the level ofGOT/GPT;

3. Cranesbill extract has anti-microbial function which can inhibit Shigella flexneri, colon bacillus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Cranesbill Extract

Application Filed

1. Food field

2. Health Food


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