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Moutan Black Extract

Product Name:Moutan Black Extract

Botanical Source:Subshrubby Peony

Part Used:Bark

Specification:10:1 20:1,Paeonol

Appearance:White Powder

Moutan Black Extract


Peony Paeonia Ranunculaceae is a deciduous shrub, more than 30 kinds. The modern garden planted peonies are from the original peony evolution and hybridization. Peony colorful, elegant, known as Aromatic, the king of flowers. Our people the peony as a human peace, happiness, prosperity and affluence symbol. Peony is not only a high ornamental value, there is a very important medicinal value, peony root and the skin is a precious Chinese herbal medicines. Caozhou peony cultivation for hundreds of years. The Song peonies in Luoyang, the self-evident started planting center has been moved to Caozhou. Black Peony: refers to the near-black peony, not really as black as ink charcoal, the most famous Oolong lying ink pool, the Dragon lying Mexican pool, crown World Moyu, smoke velvet purple and so on.

Moutan Black Extract

Main Function

Moutan Black Extract is effective on ease pain.

Moutan Black Extract has the function of removing heat from the blood.

Moutan Black Extract is used for promoting blood circulation and relieving blood stasis.

Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic,inhibiting allergic reaction are important function of tree peony bark extract.

Moutan Black Extract has protective effects of myocardial ischemia,while reducing myocardial oxygen consumption.

Moutan Black Extract has antipyretic effects in treating mice fever caused by oral typhoid and paratyphoid vaccine.

Moutan Black Extract

Application Filed

1.  Medicine

2.  Health Food 

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