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Malva Verticillata Extract

Product Name:Malva Verticillata Extract

Botanical Source:Malva verticillata L.

Part Used:Seed


Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder

Malva Verticillata Extract


Malva verticillata seeds are used as a therapeutic medicine to treat kidney dysfunction in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM has suggested that herbal medicine tonifying kidney function may have beneficial effect on bone metabolism.


Malva verticillata seeds contain mucilage, polysaccharides and flavonoids. Mucilage is made up of complex carbohydrates which, along with flavonoids and anthocyanidins, give it its soothing activity. In herbal medicine it is considered a demulcent which aids in eliminating irritation and mild inflammation.

Malva Verticillata Extract

Main Function

1,Malva Extract show good effects in Diuresis,


2,Malva Extract can be a treatment of Diminish inflammation,Edema.


3,Malva Extract is used in curing difficult urination, Edema, breast pain and so on.

Malva Verticillata Extract

Application Filed

1.Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;


2.Functional food as capsules or pills;


3.Water-soluble beverages;


4.Health products as capsules or pills.

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