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Maitake Extract

Product Name: Maitake Extract / Maitake Mushroom Extract
Botanical Source: Grifola Frondosa (Dicks.) Gray
Part Used: Mycelium/ Fruit Body
Specification: 10%-30% Polysaccharides
Appearance: Brown powder

Maitake, which could be edible and used as drugs. Maitake is rich in essential amino acids,vitamin and mineral contents. Test results reveal that 100g of the dry product of Grifola frondosa contains 22.75g protein,23.58g amino acids,vitamins C,E,B1,and B2 and organic selenium. Maitake is classed as a polypore, a mushroom without the common feature of a singular cap and gills. Instead, it has multiple branching stems with flowery-ruffed caps.The underside of these caps is covered with a thin layer of densely packed pores. common name is lotus flower, because of the shape is like dance skirt, so Japanese name it as dance mushroom.


1. Inhibit cancer ;

2. Slow down aging and promote the gonad function;

3. Prevent and treat diabetes;

4. Inhibit obesity and regulate blood pressure in a two-way fashion for the treatment of arteriosclerosis and cerebral embolism;

5. Enhance facial beauty and moisten the skin to postpone the appearance of age pigment;

6. Increase appetite, promote growth, build up immunity and improve memory.


1. Maitake Mushroom Extract can reduce human serum cholesterol, lower blood pressure and prevent hepatitis, gastric ulcer.

2. Maitake Mushroom Extract is good for Cancer prevention, regulations of menopausal syndrome, improving metabolism, strengthening body power.

3. Maitake Mushroom Extract can be used as major ingredients for all kinds of health care products, flavor food (drinks, ice cream,etc.), functional foods.


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