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Agaricus Blazei Extract

Product Name:Agaricus Blazei Extract

Botanical Source:

Part Used:Mycelium

Specification:Agaricus blazei polysaccharide 10%-30%

Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder

Agaricus Blazei Extract


Agaricus blazei Murr. (also known as Brazilian mushroom), native to Brazil, Peru. It is a kind of saprophytic bacteria growing in summer and autumn. It lives in a high temperature, humid and ventilated environment. It has an almond flavor and is crisp and tender.

Agaricus blazei is tender, the stipe is crisp, the taste is very good, the taste is pure 5-7 grams; the protein composition includes 18 kinds of amino acids, the body's 8 essential amino acids are complete, and also contains a variety of vitamins and ergosterol. The mannan contained therein has curative effect on inhibiting tumors (especially ascites cancer), medical treatment, strengthening energy, and preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases.

Agaricus Blazei Extract

Main Function

1, Agaricus blazei can enhance human immune function

2, Agaricus blazei can promote the hematopoietic function of human bone marrow

3, Agaricus blazei has an inhibitory effect on cell proliferation that interferes with leukemia. Physiologically active polysaccharide, suitable for the treatment of childhood leukemia.

4, Agaricus blazei has a protective effect on liver and kidney, and can be taken for a long time.

5, Agaricus blazei has anti-cancer biological functions.

Agaricus Blazei Extract

Application Filed

 1.Health food 
2.Food additive 
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