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Product Name: Beta-carotene
Beta carotene: 1%,10%,20%,30% 
water soluble CWD 5% 10% 
Beta caroten Oil 5% -30% 
Appearance: Orange to Dark Red fine powder or granule.


Product  Data & Specifications
Product Name Natural Beta-Carotene
Appearance Orange or Red fine powder
Application Natural Food Colorant
Main Function Anti-oxidant

Sprcification of Beta Carotene

Product Name Specification Character of product
Beta carotene powder 1%.2%,5%,10%(Food Grade) Red to orange powder with special smell
Beta carotene CWS 2% ,5% ,10%、20% (Food Grade) Yellow to orange CWS powder with special smell
Beta carotene Beadlet 5%, 10%, 20%(Food Grade) Orange to reddish brown with special smell of spherical particles
Beta carotene Oil Suspension 30%(Food Grade) Suspended in the micro crystal in vegetable oil,dissolved state is shown after heating, brick red.
Beta carotene Crystal ≥96%(Single Product) Purple or red crystal powder, odourless, tasteless


1. Beta carotene is a natural eye drops, help maintain lubrication and transparency of the cornea and promote eye health.

2. Beta carotene is one of the most effective antioxidants against free radicals

3. Beta carotene to strengthen the immune system, enhance resistance

4. Beta carotene to prevent cataract, help to protect the fiber part of the eye lens

5. Beta carotene to prevent cardiovascular disease

6. Beta carotene into vitamin A, to help maintain the skin and organ lumen normalization of the mucosal system

7. Beta carotene to enhance the reproductive system and urinary system function, improve sperm motility, prevention of prostate disease

8. Beta carotene improves and strengthens the respiratory system


Food and Beverage Field
Beta Carotene is mainly used to as a colorant due to its supirior color ranging from light orange to red in food and beverage such as ice cream, biscuit, edible oil, beverage and etc.
2. Food Supplement
Beta Carotene is recognized to have functions of anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, caducity resistance, etc., for instance, beta carotene can improve immunity of AIDS patients.
3. Cosmetic Field
Beta Carotene can be used as natural color to be used in lipstick, kermes, etc.
4. Forage Additive
Beta Carotene can improve growth rate and flesh quality of animals, reproductivity of cattle, horse and pig, color and luster of red fish and shrimp, and darken color of bird’s egg. 



Q: How to contact with you?

A: Please contact us by mail directly or by Whatsapp +86 186 7003 6098.

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: We can accept payment by TT, DP,CAD,L/C etc.

Q: Could we can get some sample for testing?

A: Yes, free sample are available for chemical and visually checking.

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