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Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder List

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                           Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder List
S/N Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder Powder Picture Powder Mesh Size
1 FD Mango Powder 苹果冻干粉 60 Mesh
2 FD Banana powder 香蕉冻干粉 60 Mesh
3 FD Red dragon fruit powder 红心火龙冻干粉 60 Mesh
4 FD Pineapple Powder 菠萝冻干粉 60 Mesh
5 FD Mulberry powder 桑葚冻干粉 60 Mesh
6 FD Apple powder 苹果冻干粉 60 Mesh
7 FD Raspberry powder 树莓冻干粉 60 Mesh
8 FD Blueberry powder 蓝莓冻干粉 60 Mesh
9 FD Cranberry powder 蔓越莓冻干粉 60 Mesh
10 FD Hami melon powder 哈密瓜冻干粉 60 Mesh
11 FD Strawberry powder 树莓冻干粉 60 Mesh

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