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FD fruit powder VS juice powder

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Spray Drying Fruit Powder we can do :

Fruit Powder

The advantages of Spray Drying Fruit :

  1. Easy to change drying conditions, adjust product quality standards.

  2. There is a certain negative pressure in the drying room to ensure the sanitary conditions during production, avoid dust flying in the workshop, and improve the purity of products

  3. Large production capacity, high quality products

  4. The spray dryer is easy to adjust, and the operating conditions can be changed in a wide range to control the product quality indicators, such as particle size distribution, wet content, biological activity, solubility, color, fragrance, taste, etc

Our Company not only have Spray Drying Fruit Powder ,but also Freeze Dried Fruit Power ,

Compare as below :

FD fruit powder VS juice powder
Items Freeze Dried Fruit Powder Spray Drying Fruit powder
Product Process Fruit --lyophilization --smash --FD fruit powder Fruit -- fruit juice --spray drying -- fruit powder
Composition Fruit Fruit , maltodextrin
Water Soluble Not 100% water soluble 100% water soluble
Mesh Size 60 mesh 80 mesh

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