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Vegetal Chitosan from Mushrooms

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Chitosan is a deacetylated derivative of chitin. Chitosan was one kind of the main ingredient used for food preservatives, winemaking fining agents, cosmetics, fat binders, health supplements, and other pharmacy or food fields. It receives a widespread application in drug delivery system design due to its biodegradability, biocompatibility, and availability of functional moieties (N-H, O-H) for chemical modification and tailoring of specific physicochemical properties essential in drug targeting. Chitosan is a polycationic polysaccharide. It exhibits anticancer activity via immunomodulatory, antiangiogenic, and antiinflammatory actions.


It is very popular on current world market, but most of them are from the outer skeleton of shellifish, including crab, lobster, and shrimp. How about the consumers who are Vegan, Cegetarian and those with Allergic to shellifish?

Now we Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc., can solve this problem!

We can offer Vegetal Chitosan, which are source from Mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus & Oyster Mushroom)!


Why do we focus on vegetal chitosan?

There have been a number of statistics around the world in recent years about the vegan and vegetarian population.

According to some sources, the number of vegans in the world has increased by 350% over the past decade. 3% of the US population and 1% of the UK population were found to be vegan. In Germany, this ratio is about 3%.

In addition, there are about 5 of 100 people affected by crustacean allergy, which means about 300 million people need non-crustacean-ingredients food.

What are advantages of vegetal chitosan?

1.Mushroom Chitosan are 100% Naturally non-animal sourced

2. Suitable for vegan, vegetarians, and those with allergic to crustacean material

3. Non-allergenic, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Antimicrobial

4. Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Gluten-free

5. Renewable, Inexhaustible

6. Traceable Consistent quality


What Application of vegetal chitosan?


Contact Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc for more Vegetal Chitosan Specification!


Product Name


Main Application


Mushroom Chitosan 20-100 cps

Acid Soluble DDA 85%~98%

Health supplement, Food Preservatives


Mushroom Chitosan 100-500 cps

Acid Soluble DDA 85%~98%

Pharmaceuticals, Health supplement


Mushroom Chitosan 500-1000 cps

Acid Soluble DDA 85%~98%

Food Flocculant , wound care products, hemostatic Dressing


Mushroom Chitosan Hydrochloride

Water Soluble, Viscosity: 20 cps; DAC 90%~98%

Skincare, Cosmetics, Haircare


Mushroom Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Water Soluble, MW<3000 Da

Helath Medical Soray

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