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Product Catalogue For Nutritional Supplements

Views: 25     Author: Lucianna Huang     Publish Time: 2024-02-02      Origin: Bunny Zhang

Nutritional Supplements

----Natural Green And Healthy Raw Materials To Protect Your Health

1MgMagnesium Glycinate10/20
2Magnesium Ascorbate6/10
3Magnesium Glycinate Glutamine8
4Magnesium Threonate8
5Magnesium Aspartate7.5/20
6Magnesium Rice Chelate20/35
7Magnesium D-Aspartate7.5
8Magnesium Gluconate5
9Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate10
10Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate10/20
11CaCalcium Glycinate20
12Calcium Aspartate12/20
13Calcium D-Aspartate12
14Calcium Amino Acid Chelate15/20
15Calcium Ascorbate9
16Calcium Rice Chelate20
17Calcium Magnesium Citrate6
18Calcium Citrate Malate20
19Calcium Orotate10
20Calcium Succinate25
21Calcium Threonate12
22ZnZinc Glycinate20/30
23Zinc Aspartate20/30
24Zinc Lysinate15
25Zinc Amino Acid Chelate20/25
26Zinc Ascorbate15
27Zinc Rice Chelate20
29Zinc Gluconate13
30Zinc Methionate18
31Zinc   Malate28
32Zinc Citrate25
33Zinc Succinate18
34FeIron Glycinate14/20
35Iron Amino Acid Chelate10/20
36Ferrous Ascorbate13
37Iron Rice Chelate20
38CuCopper Glycinate10/29
39Copper Lysinate15
40Copper Amino Acid Chelate15/20
41Copper Rice Chelate10/20
42Copper Gluconate13
43Copper Citrate10/34
44SeSelenium Glycinate0.2/1
45Selenium Amino Acid Chelate0.2/1
46Selenium Rice Chelate0.2/1
47Selenium Methionate0.2/1
48Selenium Taurate1
49MgManganese Glycinate15/20
50Manganese Amino Acid Chelate15/20
51Manganese Ascorbate13
52Manganese Rice Chelate10/20
53Manganese Gluconate11
54Manganese Citrate30
55LiLithium Aspartate4.5
56Lithium Ascorbate4.5
57CrChromium Glycinate2.5/10
58Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate2.5
59Chromium Amino Acid Chelate2.5/10
60Chromium Rice Chelate2.5/10
61Chromium Picolinate10
62BBoron Glycinate5/10
63Boron Amino Acid Chelate5/10
64Boron Rice Chelate5/10
65MoMolybdenum Rice Chelate0.2/1
66Molybdenum Glycinate0.2/1
67Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate0.2/1
68KPotassium Ascorbate15
69Potassium Glycinate10/20
70Potassium Aspartate16
71Potassium Gluconate15
72V/SRVanadium Glycinate0.2/1
73Vanadium Amino Acid Chelate0.2/1
74Vanadium Rice Chelate0.2/1


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