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Pine needle extract powder

Product Name:Pine needle extract powder

Botanical Source:Pinus L

Part Used:Leaf


Appearance:fine brown powder

Pine needle extract powder


Product Name: Pine needle extract powder 

Used Part: Leaf 
Appearance: fine brown yellow powder 
Test Method: TLC
Specifications: 10:1/4:1
Particle size: 80mesh 
Extracted Solvent: Water 


Pine needle extract is extracted from pine needles, because the extract is rich in flavonoids, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, has a strong antioxidant effect. After deep processing, brown tablets can be taken directly with water.

Pine needle extract powder

Main Function

1. Strong anti-oxidants can effectively remove free radicals.

2. Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperlipidemia and hyperviremia.
3. Reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and arrhythmias. Adjuvant treatment of diabetes.
5. Prevent cerebral infarction, cerebral arteriosclerosis, alzheimer's disease, sudden deafness.
6. Anti-aging substances can improve the health of the elderly well.
7. Anti-gene mutation and DNA damage.

Pine needle extract powder

Application Filed

1.Pine needdles extract is used for influenza, rheumatic joint pain, swelling and pain, night blindness,alzheimer's disease, neurasthenia, and external treatment of chilblains;
2.It has special effects on sexual function, diabetes, constipation, young people's frequent colds, acne, allergic rhinitis, obesity, etc;
3.Pine needles extract has the special effect of eliminating the nicotine in the body, so it is often added to the special health food for the smoker to eat, the effect of smoking cessation is obvious;
4.The glycine balance has a special effect on the beauty body, and can also eliminate odour and bad breath;

5.Used for livestock and poultry feed additives or directly feeding livestock and poultry, can not only save the feed, reduce production cost, and to promote livestock growth, enhance disease resistance and reproductive function has obvious role in promoting.

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