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Product Name: Isoquercitrin
Botanical Source: Sophora Japonica L.
Part Used: Bud
Specification: 95% ~ 98%
Appearance: Yellow Powder

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Isoquercetin has important therapeutic properties, such as the reduction of influenza virus replication, and is widely used in studies related to types of cancer with proliferative activity such as colon, lung and liver. In addition, isoquercetin has other important biological activities, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective activity against atherosclerosis. 


Main Function

1.It can supports cardiovascular health and immune cell function

2.It can promotes healthy blood flow

3.It can promotes healthy blood flow and endothelial function

4.It can enhances antioxidant defenses

5.It can maintains healthy glucose metabolism and beta cell function

6.It can promotes healthy blood flow and endothelial function

7.It can supports healthy cytokine balance


Application Filed


2、Health Food.


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