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Anti-aging market new face, shilajit extract

Date : 2019/8/2 5:09:34 Views :

Shilajit extract was found to delay aging .

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition recently published a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of Shilajit that assesses skin's perfusion, skin blood flow, and gene expression to assess skin health. Effect.

In this study, middle-aged women took 125 mg of Shiraz, 250 mg of Shiraz, or placebo for a period of 14 weeks, during which time six assessments were performed. The study showed that after 14 weeks of taking 250 mg of geranium, the subject's skin perfusion improved and induced genes associated with endothelial cell migration, vascular growth, and extracellular matrix compared to baseline and placebo.

This study provides more and more clinical evidence for the anti-aging effects of Shilajit. With the development of early clinical studies, PrimaVie was found to promote gene upregulation of collagen (especially COL1A1) and skeletal muscle ECM proteins, a synergistic effect with exercise. It has also been shown to improve testosterone levels, mitochondrial function (increased ATP levels), endothelial function and cardiovascular health.

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