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Monk Fruit/Mogrosides-The Natural Sweetner is On Trend

Date : 2020/2/27 2:34:54 Views :
Nowadays,“ Low sugar ”is a hot trend in the foods industry, and sugar reduction is a  growing trend. Many Product formulas are trying to reduce the amount of added sugar.  Under this trend, the natural functional sweetneners inulin, steviol glycosides, and  mogroside are represented by sugar substitutes are receiving more and more attention.

The monk fruit products include monk fruit powder, monk fruit glycosides, and monk  fruit concentrated juice. Monk fruit powder and Monk fruit concentrated juice both  implement food standards, where the content of mogroside is less than 20%;Mogroside is  a type of sweet glycoside mixture consisting of cucurbitane triterpenoids connected  with different numbers of sugar groups, and mogroside V is one of the highest content.

Compared with cane sugar and stevia, the sweetness of mogroside is 300 times that of  sucrose, 0 calories, and does not cause changes in blood sugar. At the same time, it  has good water solubility, good thermal stability, is soluble in ethanol, acid and  alkali resistant, does not ferment, and is suitable for production design of products  in different scenarios. Importantly, mogroside does not have the post-bitter taste of  stevia, has a good taste, and can modify the bitter, astringent, and sour tastes. It  is usually used in combination with other sweeteners. It can also be used in products  with a clean label claim without addition Volume limit.

Monk fruit can be used as functional sweetener, it also plays an importants role in  food industry together with other natural sweetners.Monk fruit(Luo Han Guo) and Stevia  have a good synergistic effect, which can improve the taste and improve the cost  performance; Monk fruit and Erythritol have a good taste and improve the texture. The  sweetness is similar to cane sugar, which is in line with consumption habits. The  inulin combination improves the taste, benefits the intestinal health, and the label  is cleaner. The combination of Luo Han Guo, Allose, and Trehalose can improve the  taste, taste and health, and is suitable for the application of baked products.

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