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Uncover the secret behind the "organic" label in the United States

Date : 2019/11/19 9:02:53 Views :
"Organic" means the way in which agricultural products are grown and processed. Provisions on several categories of organic food:

Organic crops:

It must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, genetic engineering (GMOs), petroleum based fertilizers and sewage sludge fertilizers.

Land for organic crops:

-No non-conforming prohibited substances (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) have been used in the three years prior to crop harvest.

-Clearly defined boundary and buffer zone

Processed multi-component organic food:

Organic processed foods are prohibited by law from containing artificial preservatives, pigments or flavors and are required to be organic, with some exceptions. For example, processed organic foods may contain approved non-agricultural ingredients such as enzymes in yoghurt, pectin in jam, or baking soda.

The following comparison will be more intuitive

Organic agricultural products:

Cultivated with natural fertilizer (manure, compost)

Weeds are naturally controlled (rotation, manual weeding, mulching and ploughing).

Use natural methods (birds, insects, traps) and natural pesticides to control pests.

Conventional agricultural products:

Grow with synthetic or chemical fertilizer.

Control weeds with chemical herbicides.

Use synthetic insecticides to control pests.

The secret of organic label

Perhaps many people don't know "organic" and there are clear subdivisions in USDA regulations:

100% organic

Products containing 100% organic ingredients (excluding salt and water, which are considered natural). Most unprocessed agricultural products and agricultural by-products, such as grain flour, oatmeal, etc., can be regarded as "100% organic".


Any product containing at least 95% organic ingredients (excluding salt and water), and at most 5% of the ingredients may be non organic agricultural products.

Made with Organic ______

Products containing at least 70% organic ingredients (excluding salt and water), and other non organic ingredients have many detailed restrictions.

Specific organic ingredients can be shown in the ingredients list, for example, "ingredients: water, barley, beans, organic tomatoes, salt."

Only organic food with an organic rate of 100% and over 95% can be labeled "USDA organonic".

Organic food with an organic rate of 70% cannot be labeled "USDA organonic", but it can display organic ingredients in the food list.

Organic plant extract will no longer be a gimmick, but a "card" from!

Hunan Huakang biology has been committed to promoting organic plant market, cooperating with a number of domestic organic bases, establishing strategic objectives and controlling product quality from the source. Hunan Huakang organic products are the most complete and qualified products in China. Currently, it has a large market share in the United States.

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