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Cili fruit powder , lighting up the beverage market

Date : 2019/9/27 11:01:35 Views :

With the improvement of the national living standard, the meaning of food is not only full, people began to pay attention to how to eat healthy nutrition.

China's beverage industry has transitioned from the era of "taste king" to a new "food" generation of nutritional health. When it comes to ViC drinks, it is generally recognized that lemon-related drinks.

The 刺拧吉, a highland fruit with a viC content of nearly 100 times higher than lemons, is known as the "King of ViC". A can of viC is about nine fresh lemons, enough to make it stand out from the crowd of ViC drinks. Pears produced from the mountains of Guizhou bring their own "natural, healthy" properties, coupled with their own "whitening, solution" property of lemon, hedgehog can not only meet the contemporary consumers for the food industry nutrition and health of the new demand, but also accurately locate the beauty of the crowd, can be said to be a two-way win.

Product Name:Cili Fruit Powder 

Botanical Source:Rosa Roxburghii Tratt

Part Used:Fruit 

Specifications:Juice powder

Appearance:Light Yellow Powder

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