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Astaxanthin is a natural pigment found in crustaceans, green algae and red yeast, and is a kind of carotenoid.

The protective effect of astaxanthin on algae cells is incredible. They can survive for more than 40 years without food, water, heat or cold, but when they return to good environment and receive nutrient supply, Will become healthy and live again. When the body ingests astaxanthin, it has been proven to enter the brain, eyes, muscles, skin, heart and other internal organs through the entire body. Just as astaxanthin protects algae cells, it also protects people. All the cells of the body.

<1>Immune system regulation

Research on the immunological health of natural astaxanthin began in the 1990s with a series of related research experiments at the University of South Florida and later at the Medical School in Minnesota. Dr. Harumi Jyonouchi of the school is the initiator of the astaxanthin immunoassay. Since the 1980s, eight different in vitro studies have been published, and each rodent study has shown that natural astaxanthin enhances the immune response.

The researchers then conducted a landmark clinical study in young women. It was found that the daily doses of 2 mg and 8 mg of astaxanthin increased the total number of B cells producing antibodies, the number of T lymphocytes, stimulated the number of lymphocytes, significantly reduced DNA damage, and reduced C-reactive protein.

<2> Brain support

As early as the 1940s and 1950s, France's first astaxanthin brain test in rodents found that it can cross the blood-brain barrier and bring anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to the brain. Astaxanthin can cross the blood-retinal barrier and protect the eye. Later, the researchers conducted the first astaxanthin human brain study to show that daily intake of 12 mg can improve age-related cognitive decline. The related mechanism is that natural astaxanthin can reduce the level of erythrocyte phospholipid hydroperoxide (PLOOH) and increase the antioxidant activity of red blood cells. PLOOH is a substance accumulated in red blood cells of patients with cognitive impairment.
A study published in 2019 showed that healthy people supplemented natural astaxanthin, and their mental state improved significantly after 8 weeks. The results showed that depression was reduced by 57%, mental fatigue was reduced by 36%, and overall emotional state improved by 11%. The new discovery is being patented and the astaxanthin used in the study was provided by Algae Health Sciences/BGG.

<3> Male fertility enhancement

Infertility has become a very common disease worldwide, and in about half of the cases, the main reason is poor semen quality or performance. Due to changes in the environment, food consumption and lifestyle, sperm swimming ability is not as good as before. Early studies have found that men with poor semen quality have increased sperm line velocity and decreased reactive oxygen species after supplementing astaxanthin, probably because astaxanthin can eliminate the large amount of oxidation that occurs in sperm.
In addition, the Italian government sponsored a clinical trial, mainly for men without fertility problems. Their fertility is assessed by a sperm map (a series of biochemical, physical, and morphological tests of male sperm, including sperm count, vigor, morphology, volume, fructose levels, and pH). This study found that astaxanthin can improve sperm function and exercise vitality, both in fertile and infertile men.

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