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Summary of Hunan Huakang Biotech 2019 Annual Meeting

Date : 2020/1/3 3:56:43 Views :

Message from the Chairman & Commendation for outstanding employees 2019

On December 31, 2019, Hunan Huakang Bio's 2019 Annual Summary Conference and Annual Commendation Conference were held in Changsha. In the speech of the annual meeting, Mr. Huang Jianwei, the chairman of the group, reviewed the development achievements of Huakang in 2019 and the success of the "strong foundation and solid foundation" strategy. The innovation breakthroughs of Huakang in the fields of technology and production are summarized. He also said that when we see the achievements, we also need to see the severe situation facing the enterprises, and ensure that the enterprises are around the national development trend, step by step, and move along the correct development track.

2019 Huakang Memorabilia Review

1. First plant in Hunan to be approved for SC (Health Food Ingredients) certification

2. Re-elected as Vice President Unit of Hunan Plant Extract Association

3. 2 invention patents, 3 utility model patents

4. New production equipment-mixer, granulator, vacuum drying box, powder machine

5. New detection instruments-metal detectors, irradiators

6. Expand storage area of 1500 square meters

7. 16 new international markets

8. Newly developed 3 new products

9. Passed ISO, Haccp, Halal, Kosher annual review as scheduled

Annual meeting activities

The people of Huakang ignited the passion of the annual meeting with their fire-like enthusiasm, and expressed their love for the company and the industry in the glorious stage.

There was a lot of fun on the stage, and there was a lot of fun on the stage. Here we had a wonderful and unforgettable party.

In 2019, the people of Huakang traveled all the way while not forgetting their original intentions.
Always put customer needs first
Create service and value for customers.
2020 has arrived,
Our pursuit of excellence,
It is as intimate to users as ever.
Bathed in the new year's sunshine,
I go hand in hand with you for a win-win future.
In 2020, we will create greater glories! !! !!

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