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A trip to Jinggang Mountain--Hunan Huakang

Date : 2018/3/9 9:15:37 Views :

On top of the Jinggang mountain shows Huakang’s style---A trip to the Jinggang Mountain & The summary commendation meeting for  the first half year of 2017

From Aug 4th to 6th, all the staff in Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc went to Jinggang Mountain and held the summary commendation meeting for the first half year of 2017.

With the joint effects of all the members in Hunan Huakang, the company performance in the first half year has grown by leaps and bounds, the team morale becomes sky high and the quality of all employees is greatly improved. We climbed Huangyangjie, visited Revolutionary Museum of Mount Jinggang, held the summary commendation and organized a lot of meaningful activities.

The trip to Jinggang Mountain teaches us how  difficult  China’s development was and motivates us to cherish today and fight for tomorrow.

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