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Boost Your Immunity With Yin Quality Ginseng-America Ginseng

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What is it?

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is a species  of flowering plant  in the ivy family  Araliaceae . It is native to eastern North America  and introduced in China . American ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

American ginseng and Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) are both considered true ginseng in that they contain an organic chemical called ginsenosides. Even so, American ginseng has a different chemical makeup and "cooler" yin qualities than Asian ginseng. It is also less stimulating.

American Ginseng 480-396 (1)

American Gingseng Extract

Our American ginseng extract is extracted from the root of Panax quinquefolius with solvent through advanced technology, widely applied in herbal supplement and pharmaceutical.

General information

[English name] : American Ginseng Extract

[Specification]:5%-30% Ginsenosides

[CAS Number] : 50647-08-0.

[Molecular weight] : 842.96324.

[Molecular formula]: C42H66O17.

[Properties] : Yellow or brownish yellow powder.

[Source] : Root of panax quinquefolius.

[Detection method] : HPLC (total content of Rg1, Re, Rb1, Rc and Rd).

[Solubility] : Soluble in water and ethanol.

Uses and Benefits:

Improve strength


Common cold

Improve memory


Cancer-related fatigue

Clinical Summary

American ginseng has unique medicinal properties comparing to Asian or Panax Ginseng. It is frequently used in Chinese medicine to nourish “Yin”. Saponin glycosides, also known as ginsenosides or panaxosides, are thought responsible for its biological effects. In lab studies, ginsenosides have both stimulatory and inhibitory CNS effects, can alter cardiovascular tone, enhance humoral and cellular-dependent immunity, and exert anticancer effects.

Ginsenosides are thought responsible for American ginseng’s activity, although the exact mechanism of action is unknown. Related species, such as Panax ginseng, have been the focus of most laboratory and clinical research. Experiments using extracts from these species indicate that ginsenosides stimulate and inhibit the central nervous system.

The Rg1 ginsenoside present in American ginseng is associated with improvements in humoral and cell-mediated immune response and increases in T helper cells, T lymphocytes, and NK cells in mice. American ginseng was also shown to lower serum glucose and may affect carbohydrate metabolism.

Several ginsenosides have demonstrated anticancer properties in vitro. Current data suggest that antiproliferative effects of American ginseng are due to compound K, a metabolite of the ginsenoside Rb1, but not Rb1 as previously thought. In a rodent study, the herb significantly attenuated colon carcinogenesis by reducing tumor number and load, and was associated with suppression of proinflammatory cytokine activation.

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