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Cardamom Seed Extract

Product Name: Cardamom Seed Extract
Botanical Source: Eletteria cardamomum Maton
Part Used: Seed
Specification: Brown yellow powder
Appearance: 10:1

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+86 731 88809323

Cardamom Seed Extract


    Cardamom is a spice that originated in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Today, it is available in most tropical places in Asia, including India, China, Bhutan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan. It is regarded as the queen of spices and is one of the most expensive spices, ranking third, the first and second being saffron and vanilla, respectively.

    It is found in the form of a small pod with black seeds inside. Both the seeds and the pod give a pleasant aroma and flavor. Therefore, they are used as flavoring agents in Indian cuisine. Its use is just not just limited to hot and spicy dishes; the seeds are also added to desserts and beverages to complement the sweet flavor. Cardamom tea is a very famous beverage, along with ginger tea, in India.

    The health benefits of cardamom include gastrointestinal protection, cholesterol control, control of cancer, relief from cardiovascular issues, and improvement of blood circulation in the body. It is useful for curing dental diseases and urinary tract infections such as cystitis, nephritis, and gonorrhea. Cardamom possesses aphrodisiac properties and is also used as a cure for impotence, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

Cardamom Seed Extract

Main Function

1.Prevents Colorectal Cancer

2.Protects Heart Health


4.Prevents Gastrointestinal Diseases

5.Antimicrobial Properties

6.Anti-spasmodic & Anti-inflammatory Properties

7.Dental Care

8.Anti-asthmatic Property

9.Detoxifies the Body

10.Improves Blood Circulation

11.Treats Nausea, Sore Throats, & Vomiting

Cardamom Seed Extract

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