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Hunan Huakang Group 2018 Year-end Summary and 2018 Commendation Ceremony Wonderful Review

Date : 2019-1-2 9:17:15 Views :

On December 29, 2018, “Hunan Huakang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2018 Summary and 2018 Commendation Ceremony” was held in Jiangxi Wugongshan Junyi Hot Spring Hotel. The company's leaders, directors, supervisors, employees of various business units and special guests gathered together to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Hunan Huakang Group in 2018 and jointly depict the grand blueprint of Hunan Huakang Group in 2019.

After the opening of the annual meeting, Mr. Huang Jianwei, the chairman of Hunan Huakang Group, delivered an opening speech, which affirmed the business results of the whole group in 2018 and encouraged all employees to continue in 2019, indicating the direction of endeavor. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the team with Huang as the core, we will surely take the wind and the waves and move forward. We will remember the promise of “natural and healthy” and always regard “quality as a kind of faith” and bring the world more natural. Healthier products.

Looking back on 2018, it is a year of rapid development of Hunan Huakang Group. The qualitative leap is unprecedented. The achievement of these achievements is inseparable from the strategic goals of the group leaders, the forward-looking layout, the unconstrained persistence, and the inseparable efforts of Huakang people. At the same time, a large number of advanced individuals also stand out. Hunan Huakang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2018 annual awards ceremony, a total of 5 awards. The company's leaders awarded certificates and bonuses to the winners of the "Excellent Employees" Awards, the "Innovators" Award winners, and the "Excellent Managers".

The climax of the annual meeting is naturally a game and a lottery. Hunan Huakang Group has prepared generous prizes for all the families. In the game, Huakang people do not forget to unite and work hard. The lucky draw is also a heartfelt congratulations to the winners.

After the annual meeting, Hunan Huakang Group prepared a rich feast for everyone thanks to the hard work of all the family members for one year. After the banquet, the hot spring activities were arranged warmly. This year's annual meeting is very intimate.

The return trip was on the second day, catching the first and final snowfall of the 2018 Changsha. Ruixue Zhaofeng years, does this mean that Hunan Huakang Group 2019 will go up a step? I think every family must have a positive answer in mind.

On the occasion of the New Year, all employees of Hunan Huakang Group will send the most sincere New Year wishes and gratitude to new and old customers, Chinese compatriots, overseas Chinese and friends from all over the world. The challenges and opportunities in the future will be hand in hand. Win mutual benefit.

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